g-91 car gripper
Camtree gripper G-91
  • Professional grade Car Camera Mount.
    -> Lightweight suction cups.
    -> Provided Elastic wire for better stability.
    -> Dust cover for suction cup’s protection.
    -> Weather-proof construction materials. Great for outdoor use.
    -> Camera weight bearing capacity is up to 5kg.
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Camtree spider leg car gripper
  • CAPTURE UNCONVENTIONAL SHOTS with Safety, Style & Precision.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE SUCTION CUPS provide Secure & Stable Grip.
  • BALL TILT HEAD to mount the set up at any angle.
  • RATCHET WIRES & HOOKS for Extra Security.
  • COMES PACKED in a foam padded bag.
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DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis_pic 1
DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer from DJI is a camera stabilization system designed to give the operator close to the freedom of unencumbered handheld shooting but without the hand-shake. Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to 8 pounds, the Ronin-M uses brushless motors that work on three axes: one for side-to-side “roll” – keeping the horizon level – one for tilt, and one for pan. The system is computer-controlled and features a tilt range of 105⁰ up / 165⁰ down plus a roll range of ±110⁰. Furthermore, the system boasts a precision of control of ±0.02°, enabling precise camera moves and stability correction against even very fine movements. In addition to handheld shooting, the gimbal can be used in vehicle mounting scenarios and other contexts where vibrations or other abrupt movements would make tripods and rigid camera support systems unsuitable.

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Filmcity G2 Car Gripper_pic 1
Filmcity G2 Car Gripper
  • Vacuum-Actuated Suction Mounts grips securely on any surface
  • Quality engineered for years of use
  • Universal camera platform
  • Very strong and robust material
  • Suction cups easily sticks with the help of lever
  • Easy set up and easier to use
  • Perfect for internal or external running suspension
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Flycam C5 Pro_pic 2
Flycam C5 Pro
  • Custom design – Precision engineering
  • Rugged , Lightweight, handheld steadycam
  • Unrestricted booming and 360 degree panning
  • Fluid action motion shots, made easy
  • Steadycam money shots on a budget
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Flycam Camtree Wonder 7_pic 1
Flycam Camtree Wonder 7
  • Custom design – Precision engineering
  • Impressive, floating camera movements without effort
  • Balances in seconds – Saves your time
  • Lightweight, portable & outdoor inspired
  • Perfect device for independent filmmakers
  • Our Quality Assurance Guarantee
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Flycam multimount

is a versatile support for hand-held shots and Steadycam systems that can be equiped with additional items such as external light, microphones and the like, without affecting the balance of the Steadycam negative.
It can also be used as a simple rig or as a table stand.

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flycam fc5000
ProAim Flycam 5000
  •  Designed for the latest DV/HDV/DSLR’s and camcorders.
  • Accepts cameras up to 5kg/11lbs.
  • This light weight Camera Steadycam kit can be used without any body support system.
  • Universal camera mount plate.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Post with locking knob.
  • Compact portable design.
  • 360° Smooth rotatable steadycam gimbal.
  • The bottom base plate allow multiple mounting. 16 counter weights.
  • Fine adjustment fantastic Camera Balance Platform.
  • Rubber feet under Base Platform.
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Pro Aim Flycam HD 3000_pic 1
ProAim Flycam HD 3000
  • Designed for the latest DV/HDV/DSLR’s and camcorders.
  • Universal camera mount Plate.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Post with locking knob.
  • Compact portable design.
  • 360° Smooth rotatable gimbal.
  • The bottom base plate allow multiple mounting options.
  • Foam padded Handle Grip.
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pvr vario stabilizre
Proiaim Vairo PVR Stabilzer
  • 4 in 1 equipment saves time, space & money.
  • Instantly Converts to Hi-Hat, shoulder rig, monopod & stabilizer.
  • Aircraft aluminium construction makes it robust yet lightweight.
  • “L” shaped quick release, telescopic structure & counterweight are the added features.
  • Compact Bag Packing for easy portability.
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