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30 Day Photography Challenge


The Contest is open to any and every photographer of any and every skill level, whether shot on phone or by camera. Every entrant is free to participate and share with Cameras Africa their submission for each day and topic.

Contest Period

The Challenge begins on the 1st of July 2022 and ends on 30th of July 2022. All entries (submissions)  must be received on, or before the time stated during that submission period.

Rules for Submission

For the individuals participating in the challenge, upon posting should tag @camerasafrica on Instagram as well as Facebook this will count as your submission as well as your chance to be featured on our story as well as showcase your skill.

  1. The picture for submission should be taken either the day before or during the day of the specific topic challenge.
  2. A daily winner for each topic will be selected and featured on our Instagram and FB page. This will be accompanied by an A3 print out of the winner’s submission printed and presented to the winner, besides having their work showcased and posted on our various platforms.
  3. Any photo submitted must be an original photograph owned by the individual and taken during the challenge period.
  4. By Participating and submitting your Photographs, you grant Cameras Africa the rights to share and feature your work on our various social media platforms with your permission, as well as featuring said individual and their social media handles on our various platforms.
  5. The Prize for each daily winner will be non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted.

Frame within a frame Use the natural elements within your frame to frame your subject.

Still life-Capture a photo depicting Natural Still life.


Long exposure-Take advantage of slow shutter speeds to create creative and unique looking imagery.

Collage-Take multiple photos of one or more subjects with the intention of one frame fits all.

Composition-Utilising the rule of thirds to capture Composed and compelling photos.

Bokeh-use a low aperture to create a blurred background/Bokeh.

Focus -Utilise a higher aperture to put more of your subject in focus.

Emotion-Take a photography that depicts raw uninhibited emotion

Negative Space utilise empty space creatively to pull attention back to your subject.

Close up- Get up close and personal to your subject, make sure to fill your frame.

Landscape – try your hand at getting some photographs of the Landscape.

Symmetry- Create balance and symmetry in your image by using Shapes / Patterns etc.

Utilise unique/Interesting shadows to create a captivating photo.

Take a photo of a highly-textured object and create depth.

Ant’s eye view- get low on the ground and capture an ants eye view of your world.

Birds eye view-take a photo of a subject from above/High angle.

Hope into your camera settings and shoot only in black and white for the day

Silhouette- shoot in the direction of the light to take a great silhouette.

At Sunset / Golden Hour – wait for a golden sunset and get ready to create some really spectacular shots.

Lens Flare – Take photos of your subject in front of a light source and create beautiful lens flares

Self Portraits- Initialise some creativity and shoot some compelling self portraits of you or a subject.

Look at building glassware and architecture and look for intersecting patterns or compositions that stand out.

Pets-No not wildlife, look at your pet and attempt to capture a candid photo of him/her.

Food-in order to take a photo of food you need to be creative with your angles, lighting & composition.

Car Photograph try to capture some of the meaning behind a vehicle for an artistic project.

Imperfection-Find something that is flawed or imperfect & photograph it in a way that showcases its uniqueness. You can make it appear beautiful, or highlight its imperfection & unattractiveness.

Night Time-utilising a tripod and at the interval timer set on your camera, take a photo of the night sky in all its beauty

Colour – Take a photograph of a subject or object mired in a multitude of colours. It could be clothes, reflections etc.

Humanity – Take a humanitarian photograph illustrating an individual’s story or socio/political issue with the aim of using the photographs as a catalyst for change.

Flight-Take a photo of an object suspended / Moving or floating through the air could be a bird, Plane or even a feather.

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YoloBox Portable All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming Encoder

Support Various Kinds of Captures

DSLR Camera



Smart Phone



Main Social Media Platforms

Stream from anywhere to everyone

Reach your audience across multiple social media platforms at the same time.
With encoder, switcher, monitor and record built in one, YoloBox is a studio and play device which allows you to do Full HD Live Stream, Multi-camera Production, Picture in Picture, Watermarks and many more.

All in one package

Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor in one

Various Captures

Switch up to 6 video sources live and on the go.

Minimum Setup

No computer or professional crew required.

Touchscreen Control

Production at your fingertips, easy to operate

Portability & Mobility

So compact you can fit it in your backpack

Live on the go

Supports 4G LTE & built in battery

Check them out here

YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio

YoloBox Pro Portable Live Stream Studio

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2021 Canon Student Development Programme

Limited Time Exclusive Offer. (for students only!)

From 1st April to 30th June 2021

Terms and conditions in order to receive the discount

  1. The student must purchase from an official re-seller in their home country.
  2. Must show a valid student ID.
  3. Student must share their full name and the full name of their institute.

Camera Offers

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Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100S Printer

Canon ImagePROGRAF
Pro-4100S Printer

Produce superior quality graphic and poster prints up to 44inches.

Top Printer Features


Colour pigment ink

2400 dpi

Maximum print resolution

170 mm

Maximum media roll diameter


Direct print

Printer Specifications

Expert ink

With Canon’s LUCIA PRO pigment ink images are more vivid.

Automatic processes

Improved media handling includes automatic loading and detection

Intuitive operation

View remaining ink and media on the 4.3 inch touch panel

Print security

Enable or disable user functions according to security levels

Professional Print

Software enables reviewing and editing of images on-screen

Vivid colour

Image processing increases clarity and 3D high definition

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Photography Competition

The Three Themes of the Competition.




Rules & Regulations

  • Competition start date will be 15th of January and end date will be the 15th of February.

  • Each person can only submit one image per theme.

  • The image should not be more than 5Mb

  • In the light theme we need photos which use light creatively. The light source can be natural or artificial.

  • Photos should only be taken from a proper camera and not on mobile phone.

    • Top 15 photos will be chosen from all the ones which will be submitted, top 2 winners will be picked (prizes to be decided).

    • The Photos will be judged by a panel of 2 judges, names to be shared soon, one local and one international.

    • Photos to be taken and shared on Cameras Africa social media page and hashtag #tonewbeginnings, participants to tag Cameras Africa on their photo.

    • Winner will be announced on the 22nd February 2021 via social media. Share your images to the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Twende Porini

Twende Porini Na Canon

Buy selected Canon products worth KSH 10,000 or more. 3 lucky winners get a chance to win a holiday package for two.

  • Tsavo West National Park
  • Aberdares National Park
  • Amboseli National Park

Also, enjoy Cashback  offer on selected models. Be a part with Canon to support the wildlife habitat this year end festive promotion.




Enjoy Cashback on Selected Canon Products

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Canon 300 M3 with 512gb Memory Card and Card Reader

Top Canon EOS C300 M3 Features


Super 35mm CMOS sensor with low noise

Internal 4K Cinema RAW Light recording

Efficient RAW file onto CFexpress

Dual CFexpress slots

Simultaneous or relay recording

Pioneering Autofocus Technology

Accurate and reliable, with touch screen control

Dual Gain Output

16+ stops of dynamic range

4K 4:2:2 10-bit

Up to 810Mbps internal recording, supporting ALL-I and Long GOP formats

High Dynamic Range support

SMPTE ST 2084 and ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG)

12G-SDI terminal

Output 4K via a single cable

Introducing the Canon EOS C300 Mark III

The Bundle Includes

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Type B

SanDisk Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Reader

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Sony Alpha 7S III Mirrorless Digital Camera

Sony Alpha 7SIII

Imagination In Motion

Taking the S series to a whole new level of full-frame movie expression, spectacular new speed combines with supreme sensitivity and ultra-low noise to put previously impossible 4K movie shoots on the menu, with high dynamic range, breathtaking focusing, and extra-strong image stabilisation. Your new creative potential awaits.

Top Sony Alpha 7SIII Features

Be Alpha

For Visual Trailblazers

Fast Hybrid AF for accuracy and tenacity.

The wide-area AF uses intelligent tracking and on-sensor phase-detection covering most of the frame. The result is that every bit of supremely accurate and tenacious AF performance is extracted in combination with high-quality E-mount lenses, even when shooting moving subjects at shallow depths-of-field in 4K and at 120p frame rates.

In-body 5-axis image stabilization

A highly accurate image stabilisation unit and gyro-sensor are provided, delivering 5-axis optical image stabilisation. [1] Yaw [2] Roll [3] Pitch