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Into outer space with Nikon

Nikon's cameras were used to record the historic mission of the Apollo 15 in 1971. Nikon has supported countless other space exploration missions and satellites. For years, we've focused on space. In the future, they'll continue helping scientists unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.

Driving manufacturing quality

Modern manufacturing relies on precision measurement - a particular area of Nikon expertise. Their measuring instruments contribute to improved quality, reliability and safety in products from electronic components to automobiles and aeroplanes.

Contributing to medicine

Nikon's support for medical research ranges from healthcare and bioscience to regenerative medicine and innovative drug development. Nikon's equipment is used by researchers who study living iPS cells to find applications that will benefit society. Through partnerships with universities and companies, we're taking medical research to the next level. We are working continuously to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.

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