phottix easy up umbrella softbox with grid 90×90

a Softbox is a must-have for any Studio are lacking. it produces a great lighting with shadows gleichmäßigem hard and soft illumination that is soft and heller.

the highlight of this from Phottix Softbox is in fact an umbrella is so easily assembled in One umbrella can be used as a light source may an external flash, Studio flash or to be used with Umbrella

the Softbox is made of durable Material, and the walls are made of reflective Silberstoff and ensure a high Lichtstreuung. The front diffuser can be removed, so that the Softbox as an umbrella reflector for indirect flash can be used

KSH 9,200.00 KSH 8,500.00 + Vat


 1 x Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox 35.43 35.43
Inch x 1 x Front Diffuser 1 x Front Grille