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Camtree Shine 60

  • Operator’s light of this model does not overheat during operation and does not flicker. The light scattering angle of each LED is 60 degrees, and the light beam is always straight.

KSH 160,000.00 + Vat

  • This set of camera light consists of a special device that works on light-emitting diodes (216 pieces);
  • Power consumption: 50 watts;
  • angle of light scattering: 60 degrees;
  • Possibility to adjust the level of blackout;
  • A tripod of two-section type, the greatest height is 213 cm;
  • There is the possibility of working from a battery, as well as from a special AC adapter;
  • term of application of working lamps: 50 000 hours;
  • The equipment is portable enough and convenient for transportation;
  • Adapter with 12v power supply;
  • Plug of a universal kind.

Specific features of the power supply:

  • type of coating: waterproof, dustproof;
  • the block is made of a material having high strength;
  • Available in 2 colors: black, yellow.