phottix _boom_stand
Photo Studio Video Boom Stand & Sandbag

A light stand with built-in boom arm – sandbag counterweight included. This stand extends to 395cm – put a light exactly where you need it. Great for still photography or video work – in the studio or on location. Extended Height: 395 cm Collapsed Height: 114 cm Thread: 1/4″ & 5/8″ Thread Stand Weight: 3 kg Supports: 3 kg

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Proaim 180 Degree Flexi Track

The PROAIM curved dolly track system is a 180-degree semi circle at an internal distance of 14.2 feet. The track is made of aluminium and is silver anodized. The track set comes with track feet and stoppers that makes it more stable and delivers thereby smooth videos. The track breaks down into several sections, and is therefore easy to assemble and takes only few minutes.

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proam 22 FT CRANE
Proaim 22 FT Crane

Use our 22ft Telescopic Camera Jib to increase production value for various sports competitions, races, concerts, corporate events and meetings, television commercials, political debates and sales and marketing productions. The length and height of the octagonal crane allows the camera to reach areas that would be impossible to get by any other means resulting in unusual angles and unique perspectives. It provides you the edge that sets you and your production apart in the professional market. High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

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Proaim 36FT Flexi Track Dolly Set

Add style and cinematic flare to any video production or movie with Proaim swift dolly “Quality Camera Dolly System That Won’t Break Your Budget!”Lightweight, portable, sturdy and travel friendly, easily fits your shooting needs and your filming budget. Mount any DV HDV or DSLR and get amazing ultra-smooth professional results effortlessly.

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Proaim supreme dolly rotating seat with 12Ft straight track

Our PROAIM Supreme 4-Leg Portable Dolly with 12ft Straight Dolly Track and Bazookais here to make sure your videos don’t come with a side effect of nausea.Smartly designed wheels resemble those of inline skates, and high-quality ball bearings ensure that your dynamic shots are carried off smoothly – without a hitch. Accomplish taking stunning videos with our PROAIM Supreme 4-Leg Portable Dolly with 12ft Straight Dolly Track and Bazooka quickly, easily, and affordably – and you can haul it on your own!

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Visico LS-8008 Light stand

This light stand offers a balance between height and price point and extends to a height of 9.25 feet with a load capacity of 3.5 Kilograms making this one of the most sturdy lightstands in its price range.

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