Godox speedlite snoot SN3030
Godox speedlite snoot SN3030
  • Made of lightweight and sturdy white reflective material, can be folded into light beam barrel like a snoot
  • Simply unfolds for an easy and quick set up
  • Attaches with the included velcro adhesive tabs, so it can be adjusted to fit for most flashes
  • Suitable for creative shooting, highlighting the object
  • Dimension (cm): 30 (L) x 26.8 (W) x 0.5 (H); Package included:- Flash Snoot x 1(Remark: flash is NOT included)

This Godox SN3030 Foldable Speedlite Snoot Diffuser converts to a snoot to concentrate the light from the shoe mount flash. White inner reflector and velcro strap for easy use, universal for most flashes on the market.

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LED Go LG-D1200M LED Fresnel Light
  • 15.35 x 9.0″ LED Fresnel Light
  • Internal 2.4G WiFi Control with Optional RemoteDimmer Control
  • >95 CRI (Ra)
  • 7184 LM Illumination
  • 5600K Colour Temperature
  • 100-1% Flicker-Free Dimming
  • 120W Power
  • 24V, 85-264V AC Power Source
  • Flood 70° Beam Angle
  • Includes WiFi/DMX and Case
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LED Go LG-D300C LED Fresnel Light Bi Color
  • WiFi App, Optional 2.4G Remote Dimmer Control
  • >95 CRI (Ra)
  • 1411/1790LM Illumination
  • 3200K – 5600K Colour Temperature
  • 30W Power
  • Flood 50° Beam Angle
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Ledgo LG-D600C 60W Bi Colour LED Fresnel Studio Light
  • Fanless design, no noise
  • Focusing from 15°-50° stepless control
  • Intuitive LED display
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Ledgo LGD600

The 60W LED Fresnel with Wi-Fi from Ledgo includes a set of removable barndoors, an AC power adapter, a yoke with 5/8″ light stand mount, and a nylon carry case.

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lowel 3light kit
Lowel Omni-light, Pro-light, Rifa eX Three-Light Kit
  • 1000 Total Watts
  • Omni-light, Pro-light, Rifa eX 44
  • Barndoors, Gel Frames, Gels
  • Impact 32″ Multi Disc Reflector
  • Stands, GO-95 Hard Kit Case
  • 120V Bulbs
  • 120-240VAC/12-30VDC
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MAGMOD MagBeam Kit
  • For MagMod Flash Modifier System
  • Tele Lens Focuses Flash Beam
  • Collapses for Three Spotlight Patterns
  • Wide Lens Projects MagMask Designs
  • MagMask Standard Set Included
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnetic Attachment
  • Stackable with Other MagMod Accessories
  • Silicone Rubber Material
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magmod kit
MAGMOD Starter Flash Kit
  • Fits Most On-Camera Flashes
  • MagSphere
  • MagGrid
  • MagGrip
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GODOX UB-022-33
Photo Studio Umbrella UB-002

Reflective Umbrella is a simple light modifier that is well suited for portrait shots and product photography. The reflector is a white umbrella with a black outside cover and silver inside

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Sale! 12_inch_white_lr_sq
Phottix 12-inch 2 in 1 Collapsible Reflector (white/silver)

The Phottix 12-inch 2 in 1 Collapsible Reflector is white on one side and silver on the other. Small and compact – perfect to stash in a camera bag or pocket for instant use. Great for using outdoors with natural light or with flashes/strobes when you need reflected light.

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Sale! phottix umbrella holder ballhead
Phottix BH-Mini Ballhead

The Phottix BH-Mini, a multi-use photographic ballhead. Made from tough and durable quality aluminum alloy and fireproof PA66 plastic, the BH-Mini is ready for any photographic situation.

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Sale! 90x90 easy up softbox
phottix easy up umbrella softbox with grid 90×90

a Softbox is a must-have for any Studio are lacking. it produces a great lighting with shadows gleichmäßigem hard and soft illumination that is soft and heller.

the highlight of this from Phottix Softbox is in fact an umbrella is so easily assembled in One umbrella can be used as a light source may an external flash, Studio flash or to be used with Umbrella

the Softbox is made of durable Material, and the walls are made of reflective Silberstoff and ensure a high Lichtstreuung. The front diffuser can be removed, so that the Softbox as an umbrella reflector for indirect flash can be used

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Sale! easy up softbox 40x40
Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit 40x40cm

The Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Kit (40x40cm) is an easy to assemble and collapse light modifier, ideal for on-location work. This saves time over traditional softboxes which require rods and speed rings for assembly. Perfect to use with hot shoe flashes or studio lights, it creates a soft even light which reduces any photo-spoiling hot spots.

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easy up softbox with grid 90x120
Phottix Easy-Up 90x120cm Umbrella Softbox with Grid

A huge light source for super-soft light

Use in horizontal or vertical orientations

Quick to assemble

Folds like a regular umbrella but expands into a rectangular softbox

Two zippered openings

Recessed-front diffuser

Includes removable grid

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Sale! phottix_full-frame_reflector_kit_lr_sq
Phottix Full-Frame Reflector Kit (1.5m, White/Silver, White Diffuser)

The new Phottix Full-Frame Reflector Kit – a rugged and collapsible reflector perfect for on-location work.

The Full-Frame Reflector is a 1.5m aluminum-framed reflector with easy-to-remove panels. The aluminum frame folds down for easy storage and transport in the included bag. Included are a white diffuser and white/silver panel. Diffuse harsh midday sun or use it like a giant softbox by using it to diffuse a flash or studio light. The white/silver panel can be used to reflect hard or soft light, depending on you needs.


  • Collapsible 1m x 1.5m reflector/diffuser
  • Translucent white and silver/white panels
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Mount to boom or use over-head
  • Folds flat for easy transport
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Sale! hexa para pro softbox 120cm
Phottix Hexa-Para Softbox (120cm/47″)
  • Hexadecagonal, 16-Sided Shape
  • Deep Parabolic Design
  • Produces Soft Wraparound Light
  • Ideal as a Key Light or Large Fill
  • Includes Inner and Outer Diffusers
  • Compatible with Hexa-Para Speed Rings
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Sale! hexa para softbox 150cm
Phottix Hexa-Para Softbox 150cm
  • Hexadecagonal, 16-Sided Shape
  • Deep Parabolic Design
  • Produces Soft Wraparound Light
  • Ideal as a Key Light or Large Fill
  • Includes Inner and Outer Diffusers
  • Compatible with Hexa-Para Speed Rings

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