Godox LED Light (LD1000C)

Soft and even illumination for video and still photography Environment-friendly and energy-saving This LED video light provides a wide spectrum, beautifully soft and even illumination for video and still photography. It is ideal for small and medium-sized studio and indoor … Continued

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Godox LED308C II
  • 308 LED bulbs panel is lithium-ion or DC powered.fits almost any cameras and camcorders
  • Wireless 433MHZ grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels)
  • This lightweight and portable light provides high brightness and accurate color temperature 3300K
  • Include a remote control, a portable handle, a mini stand. (7.4V Lithium Battery Sony NP-F970 model lithium battery not include)
  • Large size of LCD panel, setting is saved automatically. Quickly change panel angle
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Godox LED500LR Video Light (Bi-Color)
  • Color Range: 3300 to 5600K ±300K
  • LCD Control Screen
  • Brightness Range: 10 to 100%
  • LEDs: 252 (Daylight), 252 (Tungsten)
  • Low 32W Electrical Draw
  • Remote Range: 65.6′
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Godox Mini Reflector
Godox Mini Reflector
  • White diffuser and silver reflector in one panel
  • Compact design, attches easily and quickly using an anti-slip speed strap
  • Fits most of the shoe mount flashes in the market
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Godox S-Type Speedlite Bracket for Bowens
  • Maximize Flash w/ Bowens Accessories
  • Tilting Bracket with 5/8″ Receiver
  • Non-Scratch Mounting w/o Touch-Fasteners
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Godox speedlite snoot SN3030
Godox speedlite snoot SN3030
  • Made of lightweight and sturdy white reflective material, can be folded into light beam barrel like a snoot
  • Simply unfolds for an easy and quick set up
  • Attaches with the included velcro adhesive tabs, so it can be adjusted to fit for most flashes
  • Suitable for creative shooting, highlighting the object
  • Dimension (cm): 30 (L) x 26.8 (W) x 0.5 (H); Package included:- Flash Snoot x 1(Remark: flash is NOT included)

This Godox SN3030 Foldable Speedlite Snoot Diffuser converts to a snoot to concentrate the light from the shoe mount flash. White inner reflector and velcro strap for easy use, universal for most flashes on the market.

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LED Go LG-D1200M LED Fresnel Light
  • 15.35 x 9.0″ LED Fresnel Light
  • Internal 2.4G WiFi Control with Optional RemoteDimmer Control
  • >95 CRI (Ra)
  • 7184 LM Illumination
  • 5600K Colour Temperature
  • 100-1% Flicker-Free Dimming
  • 120W Power
  • 24V, 85-264V AC Power Source
  • Flood 70° Beam Angle
  • Includes WiFi/DMX and Case
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LED Go LG-D300C LED Fresnel Light Bi Color
  • WiFi App, Optional 2.4G Remote Dimmer Control
  • >95 CRI (Ra)
  • 1411/1790LM Illumination
  • 3200K – 5600K Colour Temperature
  • 30W Power
  • Flood 50° Beam Angle
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Ledgo LG-D600C 60W Bi Colour LED Fresnel Studio Light
  • Fanless design, no noise
  • Focusing from 15°-50° stepless control
  • Intuitive LED display
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Ledgo LGD600

The 60W LED Fresnel with Wi-Fi from Ledgo includes a set of removable barndoors, an AC power adapter, a yoke with 5/8″ light stand mount, and a nylon carry case.

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lowel 3light kit
Lowel Omni-light, Pro-light, Rifa eX Three-Light Kit
  • 1000 Total Watts
  • Omni-light, Pro-light, Rifa eX 44
  • Barndoors, Gel Frames, Gels
  • Impact 32″ Multi Disc Reflector
  • Stands, GO-95 Hard Kit Case
  • 120V Bulbs
  • 120-240VAC/12-30VDC
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MAGMOD MagBeam Kit
  • For MagMod Flash Modifier System
  • Tele Lens Focuses Flash Beam
  • Collapses for Three Spotlight Patterns
  • Wide Lens Projects MagMask Designs
  • MagMask Standard Set Included
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnetic Attachment
  • Stackable with Other MagMod Accessories
  • Silicone Rubber Material
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magmod kit
MAGMOD Starter Flash Kit
  • Fits Most On-Camera Flashes
  • MagSphere
  • MagGrid
  • MagGrip
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GODOX UB-022-33
Photo Studio Umbrella UB-002

Reflective Umbrella is a simple light modifier that is well suited for portrait shots and product photography. The reflector is a white umbrella with a black outside cover and silver inside

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Sale! 12_inch_white_lr_sq
Phottix 12-inch 2 in 1 Collapsible Reflector (white/silver)

The Phottix 12-inch 2 in 1 Collapsible Reflector is white on one side and silver on the other. Small and compact – perfect to stash in a camera bag or pocket for instant use. Great for using outdoors with natural light or with flashes/strobes when you need reflected light.

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Phottix 7-in-1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (42 in)
Phottix 7-in-1 Light Multi Collapsible Reflector (42″)
  • White, Gold, & Silver Reflectors
  • Black Absorption Panel
  • Translucent White Diffusion Panel
  • Blue and Green Panels
  • Folds to 1/3 Open Size
  • Includes Storage Bag
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Phottix beauty dish 42cm 16″
  • For Bowens S Mount
  • Soft Light with Crisp Shadows
  • Offers Contrast and Texture
  • Natural Catchlights in Eyes
  • White Interior
  • Cloth Diffuser & Honeycomb Grid Included
  • Carrying Bag for Storage
  • Works with Luna Speed Rings
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Sale! phottix umbrella holder ballhead
Phottix BH-Mini Ballhead

The Phottix BH-Mini, a multi-use photographic ballhead. Made from tough and durable quality aluminum alloy and fireproof PA66 plastic, the BH-Mini is ready for any photographic situation.

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