Rode  NTG3 Precision 1
Rode NTG3 Precision RF-Biased Shotgun Microphone (Black)

The black Rode NTG3 Shotgun Microphone is a professional shotgun microphone that delivers a few unique qualities in order to meet the demands of today’s broadcast audio engineers and boom operators. The microphone features radio-frequency (RF) interference properties that avoid annoying noise and interference caused by nearby RF sources such as radio antennas, WiFi networks, internet devices, power lines, etc. The microphone is also built to withstand the rigors of adverse weather conditions.


  • RF Rejection and Low Noise
  • Withstands Adverse Conditions
  • Broadcast Sound Quality
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saramonic lavmicro
Saramonic LavMicro Broadcast Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone
  • For Interview and Speech Applications
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • 50 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Range
  • 3.5mm TRS/TRRS Combo Connector
  • 20′ Cable Length
  • Includes Foam Windscreen and Lapel Clip
  • LR44 Battery
  • Touch-Tab Fastener
  • Screwdriver and Extra Screws
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saramonic sr-ax107
Saramonic SR-AX107 2-Channel XLR Audio Adapter with Isolation Transformer for DSLRs
  • 2x Balanced XLR Inputs
  • 12V/48V/Off Phantom Power Switch
  • LED Metering
  • Requires 9V Battery
  • Connect Mics and Wireless Microphones
  • Connect Digital Recorders and Mixers
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saramonic nv5
Saramonic SR-NV5 Directional Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • For Broadcast, Film, and ENG
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Low-Noise and High-Sensitivity Output
  • 40 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response
  • Requires 48V Phantom Power
  • 3-Pin XLR Connector
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saramonic sr-pax2
Saramonic SR-PAX2 Active 2-Channel Audio Adapter for DSLR Cameras
  • Combine Two Mics to One Stereo Output
  • Sum a Stereo Input to a Mono Output
  • Supplies Phantom Power
  • 3.5mm (1/8″) and XLR Inputs
  • 3.5mm (1/8″) Stereo Line Output
  • Dedicated 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output
  • Left and Right Gain Controls
  • Left and Right Level Meters
  • Mono/Stereo Output Mode Switch
  • Powered via 9V Battery
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saramonic sr-pmc2
Saramonic SR-PMC2 3.5mm Output Cable to iOS iPhone or iPad Device

The SR-PMC2 3.5mm Output Cable to iOS iPhone or iPad Device from Saramonic is an output cable for the Saramonic SR-WM4C wireless microphone system (sold separately). It features a 3.5mm TRS gold-plated connector on one end and a 3.5mm TRRS gold-plated connector on the … Continued

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saramonic ulm5
Saramonic ULM5 USB Lavalier Clip-On Computer Microphone
  • or Windows and Mac Computers
  • Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Captures Crisp, Clear Audio
  • Plug-and-Play USB Connector
  • Includes 6.5′ Cable
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Saramonic UWMIC9 RX9 + TX9, 96-Channel Digital UHF Wireless Lavalier Mic System (514 to 596 MHz)
  • For Mobile Journalism, Video, Vlog
  • 2-Channel Camera-Mount Receiver
  • One Bodypack Transmitter
  • Lavalier Microphone
  • 96 Selectable Channels
  • Mic or Line-Level Input
  • Line and Headphone Outputs
  • Powered via AA Batteries
  • Up to 330′ Operating Range
  • 3.5mm and XLR Output Cables
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saraminic vmic pro
Saramonic VMIC Pro Super Directional Video Condenser Microphone
  • Studio-Quality Sound
  • Three-Position Gain Adjustment
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • Headphone Monitor Output
  • Switchable Low-Cut Filter
  • Shoe Mount
  • Includes Windscreen & 3.5mm Audio Cable
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Sennheiser  ew 135-p G3 1
Sennheiser ew 135-p G3

The Sennheiser ew 135-p G3 Wireless Portable Microphone System is intended for portable wireless operation, such as video and field recording applications. This camera mountable system includes a UHF diversity receiver and handheld transmitter microphone with a dynamic, cardioid capsule. The SKM 100 G3 handheld transmitter and EK 100 G3 receiver synchronize channel and frequency at the touch of a button.


  • EK 100 G3 Camera Mountable Receiver
  • SKM 100-835 G3 Handheld Transmitter
  • 1680 Tunable Frequencies Across 42 MHz
  • Auto Frequency Scan Finds Open Bands
  • 3 Level Squelch To Block Interference
  • 20 Banks With 12 Channel Presets Each
  • Compander For Clearer Sound
  • Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment
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ew112 g4
Sennheiser EW 112P G4 Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System
  • For Mobile Journalist, Videographer
  • ME 2-II Omnidirectional Lav Mic
  • Rugged Bodypack Transmitter
  • Diversity Camera-Mount Receiver
  • 1680 Auto-Scan Frequencies
  • Advanced Controls for Flexible Use
  • Daylight-Readable Display
  • 8-Hour AA Batteries
  • Up to 12 Mics on Set / 330′ Range
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Sennheiser MKE 600
Sennheiser MKE 600
  • For Camcorders and Video DSLRs
  • Highly Directive
  • Compact Size
  • Switchable Low-Cut Filter
  • Phantom or Battery Powered
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Shockmount for Camera Shoe
  • Foam Windshield
  • All Metal Housing
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Sony ICD PX470
Sony ICD PX470
  • Record in Linear PCM (WAV) & MP3 Formats
  • Internal 4GB Memory & microSD Expansion
  • Onboard Stereo S-Microphone System
  • Up to 1,073 Hours of Recording Time
  • Wide, Focus, & Auto Voice-Recording Modes
  • Built-In USB Connector
  • 3.5mm Stereo Mic-In & Headphone Jack
  • Battery Life up to 55 Hours
  • Included AAA Battery & Software
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sony MDR-450
Sony MDR-450
  • 30mm Neodymium Dynamic Dome Drivers
  • 5 to 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • Includes In-Line Mic Remote Control
  • Customize Remote with SmartKey App
  • Sealed Acoustic Design for Isolation
  • Pressure-Relieving Cushioned Foam Fit
  • Swivel-Fold Earcups
  • Gold-Plated L-Shaped Stereo Mini Plug
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Rugged Low-Tangle Cable
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sony MDR-7506
Sony MDR-7506
  • 40mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Closed Design
  • Swiveling Earcups
  • Single-Sided Cable
  • Coiled Cable
  • Soft Case
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sony zx110 headphones
Sony MDR-ZX110 Stereo Headphones
  • 30mm Dynamic Dome Drivers
  • 12 to 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • Earcups Swivel and Fold For Portability
  • Flat Cable Helps Reduce Tangles
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Mic 2b

The Sony ECM-44B Lavalier Microphone makes the exceptional quality of Sony’s electret condenser microphones available for budget conscious productions, and a variety of sound reinforcement requirements, such as lectures and demonstrations. Measuring only 8.5 x 14.5mm, the ECM-44B reduces the visual distraction to the audience. The ECM-44B can be depended upon for clean, bright, yet natural reproduction. To maintain its low cost, this microphone operates on a single AA (does not accept phantom power) battery for over 5000 hours of service.

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Mic 3a

The Sony ECM-673/9X is a low cost, electret condenser shotgun microphone designed for maximum frontal pick up while minimizing off-axis (side) signal and noise. The wide frequency response and excellent sensitivity deliver superb sound for interviews, field audio and more. The ECM-673/9X features a low-cut filter switch for minimizing low frequency response and proximity effect. The ECM-673/9X is light weight and ideal for camera, boom and stand mounting.

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Sony XB250
Sony XB250
  • 30mm Neodymium Dynamic Dome Drivers
  • 5 to 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • Sealed Acoustic Design for Isolation
  • Pressure-Relieving Urethane Foam Fit
  • Swivel-Fold Earcups
  • Gold-Plated L-Shaped Stereo Mini Plug
  • Serrated Tangle-Free Cable
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zoom h1
Zoom H1n Digital Handy Recorder (Black)

  • X/Y Stereo Mic
  • New Layout of Integral Controls
  • Record WAVs & MP3s up to 24-Bit / 96 kHz
  • Records to microSD/SDHC
  • 3.5mm Input/Output Jack
  • Built-In Limiter and Low-Cut Filter
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Works as a USB Audio Interface
  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries
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