Ahuja CTP -10DX
Ahuja CTP -10DX
  • Miniature omnidirectional electret condenser lavalier type microphone with wide angle pick-up for lectures, interviews, religious places, recordings etc.
  • A strong, fixed tie-clip prevents the microphone from being displaced accidentally.
  • The cell container is provided to accommodate a single pencil cell. The cable length is 6.0 mtrs.
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Azden 330LT UHF On-Camera Dual Bodypack System

The Azden 330LT UHF On-Camera Dual Bodypack System is a powerful dual-channel UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of two Azden 35BT bodypack transmitters, EX-503 lavalier microphones, and 330UPR portable dual-channel diversity receiver. The inclusion of both bodypacks allows users to operate both microphones simultaneously.


  • 566.125 – 589.875 MHz
  • Discrete 2-Channel Operation
  • 188 UHF Selectable Frequencies
  • 330UPR Camera-Mount Dual Receiver
  • 2x 35BT Bodypack Microphone Transmitters
  • 2x EX-503 Lavalier Microphones
  • Main and Headphone Receiver Outputs
  • Pivoting Diversity High-Gain Antennas
  • 2x AA Battery Powered
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Azden FMX-22 Portable Field Mixer

The FMX-22 Portable Field Mixer by Azden is a lightweight 2-channel battery-powered solution for any remote audio application. It features 2 XLR microphone inputs with individually switchable phantom power and two gain stages.

Each channel of the FMX-22 has a volume control, a 3-way (left, right, center) pan selector, and a limiter on/off switch. A master volume control and dual 5-segment output level indicators help maintain optimal signal strength and prevent clipping.

The FMX-22 has balanced XLR outputs in addition to an 1/8″ TRS stereo output. A 1/4″ headphone output with an independent volume adjustment allows you to comfortably monitor your signal.


  • 2-Channel Battery Powered Mixer
  • 2 Dual-Stage Microphone Inputs
  • Individually Switchable Phantom Power
  • Independent Limiter Per Channel
  • Left, Right, Center Selector Switches
  • Balanced XLR Outputs
  • 1/8″ TRS Stereo Output for Video Cameras
  • Headphone Output with Level Control
  • Dual 5-Segment Output Level Indicators
  • Lightweight yet Rugged Construction
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Azden SGM-250 Shotgun Microphone

The SGM-250 from Azden is a supercardioid, dual-power, broadcast-quality shotgun microphone that can be used in various environments to capture audio to camcorders, DSLRs, recorders, and more.

The SGM-250 features a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and a two-step low cut filter. The mic is built with a rugged all-metal barrel and has tightly spaced vertical slots along the tip to provide side and rear rejection. In addition to the dual-power design, a status LED indicator is provided to monitor the AA battery (1.5V) or phantom (48V) power source.

The mic includes a gold-plated XLR output, and comes with a shock-mount holder, a foam windshield, and a zippered carrying case.


  • For TV, Film, and Video Production
  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • AA Battery or Phantom Power
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Two-Step Low Cut Filter
  • Gold-Plated XLR Output
  • Includes Shock-Mount Holder
  • Foam Windshield
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • Zippered Carry Case
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Azden SGM-990+i Shotgun Microphone for Mobile Device Recording

The SGM-990+i Shotgun Microphone for Mobile Device Recording from Azden is used to capture audio in critical applications such as meetings, weddings, TV sound and more. It is also compatible with smartphones and tablets with a TRRS headset jack. It is used on video camcorders, DSLR cameras, or field recorders to capture audio. It features a supercardioid pickup pattern and has a 2-position switch that allows you to widen or narrow the pickup field. It features a frequency response of 150 Hz to 18 kHz. This electret condenser microphone is built with a coiled cable and has a 1/8″ mini-jack connector making it compatible with several mobile devices. It has a pickup range of 35′ and uses one alkaline AAA battery for power. A windscreen, shoe mount, 2″ interface cable, and hook-and-loop mounting tape are included.


  • Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets
  • Supercardioid
  • Switch for Narrow or Wide Pickup Pattern
  • Electret Condenser
  • 1/8″ Mini-Jack Connector
  • 150 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response
  • AAA Battery Power Source
  • Includes Windscreen
  • Includes Shoe Mount
  • Includes Hook-and-Loop Mounting Tape
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Azden SGM-PDII Professional Shotgun Microphone

The SGM-PDII Professional Shotgun Microphone from Azden is designed to improve the audio quality on video cameras. The SGM-PDII fits into standard 21mm clamp mount fixtures, however size adjustment rings are included for a snug fit in any clamp mount. The microphone is an ideal choice for use with Ikegami, Sony and Canon cameras, and features a 12.99-inch cable and velour windscreen.


  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • 120 dB Maximum SPL
  • Hardwired XLR Output
  • Includes Shockmount
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Azden SWS-100 High Performance Softie Windscreen

The Azden SWS-100 High Performance Softie Windscreen is intended for use with the Azden SGM-PDII, SMX-10, and ECZ-990 microphones. The softie delivers optimum wind suppression and is ideal for use outdoors.


  • Fits SGM-PDII, SMX-10, and ECZ-990
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Azden SWS-15 Furry Windshield Cover

The SWS-15 Furry Windshield Cover from Azden was designed specifically for the SMX-15 microphone to provide maximum protection against wind noise in outdoor environments. The cover is made to slip over the SMX-15’s included, custom-fit foam windscreen and delivers acoustically transparent results.


  • High-Quality Faux Fur Cover
  • Slips Over SMX-15 Foam Windscreen
  • Blocks Wind and Minimizes Wind Noise
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Azden WDL- PRO

The Azden Dual Wireless Bodypack Kit features the WR32-Pro Dual-Channel Receiver as well as two 2-channel WM-Pro Wireless VHF Bodypack Transmitters with EX-503 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones and tie clips. The lavalier microphones and bodypacks can be worn by two different subjects and transmit on the 169.445 and 170.245 MHz channels simultaneously. The dual-channel receiver can then be shoe mounted on top of a camera or camcorder to receive the two channels of audio.


  • Dual-Channel VHF Receiver
  • Two Wireless Bodypack Transmitters
  • Two Lavalier Microphones with Tie Clips
  • Receives Two Signals Simultaneously
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by m6..

. Ideal for ENG/EFP, DSLR Video . Compander for High-quality and Clear sound . 48 UHF Channels . Mic and Line-in . Easy to use, with display . Selectable Mute function . Camera-Mountable Receiver . Monitoring sound by headphone output … Continued

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by m1...

BOYA BY-M1 is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone, perfect for video use, designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders ,Audio recorders, PC etc. The lavalier microphone features an Omni pickup pattern, for full, 360-degree coverage. An integrated 6-meter (20”) cable with 3.5mm 4-pole … Continued

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BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone
  • Clip-on lapel microphone for Smartphones,cameras, camcorders, audio recorders,tablets,and other audio/video recording devices
  • Omni-directional Condenser Microphone
  • Excellent for interviews
  • Each Mic Routes to Discrete Channel
  • Improved Sensitivity and Signal-to-Noise
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The BOYA BY-PVM1000L Shotgun Microphone features an extended length of 38CM that maximizes directivity and narrows the pick up area. The result is focused on audio capturing and minimal noise and artifacts from sources outside the pick up area. The BY-PVM1000L is a popular choice among broadcast and film recording professionals, and also be used in ENG (News Gathering), sound design applications etc.


· Broadcast-Quality Condenser Microphone

· Designed especially for use with camcorder or video DSLR

· Excellent off-axis audio rejection

· Switchable low-cut filter

· Minimizes wind and handling noise

· Lightweight durable aluminum alloy construction.

· Integrated foam windshield and shock mount

· Included Professional Wind Muff , 1.5m cable, 1/4″ (6.35 mm) adapter

· Phantom or battery powering

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Ideal for interviews, ENG/EFP, DSLR Video etc.
· Compander for High-quality and Clear sound
· Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver
· 48 UHF Channels
· Selectable STEREO/MONO Mode
· Plug and Record Functionality
· Programmable Mute function
· Mic and Line-in
· Camera-Mountable Receiver
· Monitoring sound by headphone output (Receiver)
· Includes Omni-Directional Lavalier Mic
· Includes XLR output cable, Stereo mini plug cable
· More than 6 Hours Continuous Operation
· Operation range can reach up to 100m(300′) (without obstacle)
· Power Supply: Two ( x3 ) AA batteries

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BY-VM600 Shotgun Microphone

Direction shotgun-style microphone
• Well rejecting unwanted background noise
• Premium microphone for clear audio
• Powered design maximizes sound quality
• Built-in shock mount minimizes unwanted vibrations to microphone

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Pyle microphopne omni-directional (sennehiser)
Pyle microphone omni-directional (sennehiser)
  • Great for Public Speaking
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
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Rode  NTG3 Precision 1
Rode NTG3 Precision RF-Biased Shotgun Microphone (Black)

The black Rode NTG3 Shotgun Microphone is a professional shotgun microphone that delivers a few unique qualities in order to meet the demands of today’s broadcast audio engineers and boom operators. The microphone features radio-frequency (RF) interference properties that avoid annoying noise and interference caused by nearby RF sources such as radio antennas, WiFi networks, internet devices, power lines, etc. The microphone is also built to withstand the rigors of adverse weather conditions.


  • RF Rejection and Low Noise
  • Withstands Adverse Conditions
  • Broadcast Sound Quality
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saramonic lavmicro
Saramonic LavMicro Broadcast Quality Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone
  • For Interview and Speech Applications
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • 50 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Range
  • 3.5mm TRS/TRRS Combo Connector
  • 20′ Cable Length
  • Includes Foam Windscreen and Lapel Clip
  • LR44 Battery
  • Touch-Tab Fastener
  • Screwdriver and Extra Screws
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saramonic sr-ax107
Saramonic SR-AX107 2-Channel XLR Audio Adapter with Isolation Transformer for DSLRs
  • 2x Balanced XLR Inputs
  • 12V/48V/Off Phantom Power Switch
  • LED Metering
  • Requires 9V Battery
  • Connect Mics and Wireless Microphones
  • Connect Digital Recorders and Mixers
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saramonic nv5
Saramonic SR-NV5 Directional Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • For Broadcast, Film, and ENG
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Low-Noise and High-Sensitivity Output
  • 40 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response
  • Requires 48V Phantom Power
  • 3-Pin XLR Connector
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