slik 350AF
Slik 350AF

Monopod with SLIK original AF1100E trigger-release ball head with quick release system.

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Slik EASi-pod JR
Slik EASi-pod JR

Standard version of the EASI-POD, without the push-button controlled anti-gravity height adjustment system. A quick-release camera platform makes it fast and easy to attach and remove the camera.

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Silk PRO340DX
Slik PRO 340 DX

SLIK Super Alloy (A.M.T.) for the first (23.4mm) and the second (20mm) pipes with light weight 3-way panhead SH-705E with 2 pan & tilt handles for easy operation.

with 3-way panhead SH-705E

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Slik PRO400DX
Slik PRO 400 DX

Up-graded model of ABLE 300DX tripod with light weight 3-way panhead SH-705E “D” shaped aluminum tubes with soft grip coated legs for comfort and ease of handling. Gearless, detachable and invertible center column for extremely low angle positioning.

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slik u874

The SLIK new U 874 is a compact & light weight tripod system with 3WAY pan head for both photo & video.   Newly designed slim tripod body made even compact its folded length while keeping max. height of 1,500mm. … Continued

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