g-91 car gripper
Camtree gripper G-91
  • Professional grade Car Camera Mount.
    -> Lightweight suction cups.
    -> Provided Elastic wire for better stability.
    -> Dust cover for suction cup’s protection.
    -> Weather-proof construction materials. Great for outdoor use.
    -> Camera weight bearing capacity is up to 5kg.
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Camtree moover dolly MD1-HF
    • Compatible with DSLR, compact cameras, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, video lights and microphones.
    • 3 sets of double PU camera dolly wheels add stability to moving shots with load capacity 18 lbs (8kg).
    • Portable solutions wheel dolly with designed in professional results.
    • The degree scales on triangular base plate makes determining the rotational angles of camera dolly easy.
    • Excellent skater dolly with straight and curved movement capability
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shine 60
Camtree Shine 60
  • Operator’s light of this model does not overheat during operation and does not flicker. The light scattering angle of each LED is 60 degrees, and the light beam is always straight.
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Camtree Shoulder rig C-it -201 with follow focus
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Camtree spider leg car gripper
  • CAPTURE UNCONVENTIONAL SHOTS with Safety, Style & Precision.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE SUCTION CUPS provide Secure & Stable Grip.
  • BALL TILT HEAD to mount the set up at any angle.
  • RATCHET WIRES & HOOKS for Extra Security.
  • COMES PACKED in a foam padded bag.
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proaim mattbox
Camtree Swing Away wide angle Carbon Fiber Matte Box
  • FULLY FEATURED CARBON FIBER matte box for lenses up to 105mm
  • ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTED Swing away bracket for quick lens changes
  • FOLDABLE TOP and SIDE FLAG offer extra protection from lens flares and extra light.
  • EASY TO USE camera sun shade comes with 16:9 aspect ratio format.
  • Secure & strong storage case provides safety to video matte box with lifetime quality assurance
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fc 07
Filmcity Camera Cage Shoulder FC-07
  • Magnetic shoulder pad hold your camera nuts& bolts
  • Fully customizable to your shooting needs
  • Compatible with BMC / Pocket / C100 / Fs100 / and DSLR.
  • Threaded screw mounts of 1/4″
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Sale! FILMCITY-DSLR-Spin-Photography-Turntable-FCSPNTBL
FILMCITY DSLR Spin Photography Turntable
  • Creates 360 degree dynamic product views
  • Professional Mild Steel and Wooden built ensures long-life durability
  • Tripod mounting ability.
  • Maximum Width : 62cm
  • Maximum Load bearing : 3kg
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Proaim 180 Degree Flexi Track

The PROAIM curved dolly track system is a 180-degree semi circle at an internal distance of 14.2 feet. The track is made of aluminium and is silver anodized. The track set comes with track feet and stoppers that makes it more stable and delivers thereby smooth videos. The track breaks down into several sections, and is therefore easy to assemble and takes only few minutes.

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proam 22 FT CRANE
Proaim 22 FT Crane

Use our 22ft Telescopic Camera Jib to increase production value for various sports competitions, races, concerts, corporate events and meetings, television commercials, political debates and sales and marketing productions. The length and height of the octagonal crane allows the camera to reach areas that would be impossible to get by any other means resulting in unusual angles and unique perspectives. It provides you the edge that sets you and your production apart in the professional market. High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

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Proaim 36FT Flexi Track Dolly Set

Add style and cinematic flare to any video production or movie with Proaim swift dolly “Quality Camera Dolly System That Won’t Break Your Budget!”Lightweight, portable, sturdy and travel friendly, easily fits your shooting needs and your filming budget. Mount any DV HDV or DSLR and get amazing ultra-smooth professional results effortlessly.

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Proaim 600
  • Day Light balanced Model
  • DMX Compatible with Cool & Heat free Led Technology
  • Flicker free at any frame rate or Shutter angle
  • 100% to 5% dimming with no noticeable color shift
  • Long life LEDs with Modular design for Multi panel configuration
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Proaim 7″ wave 7ft jib with tripod
  • High Grade Travel Jib Package for indoor & outdoor video productions.
  • Robust Camera Head is fully compatible with 75mm Bowl that adds creativity in shots.
  • Heavy Counter Balance Mechanism makes crane easy to operate and maintains the balance throughout.
  • Heavy Duty Stand supports heaviest of loads with an ease.
  • Rock Solid Dolly gets connected to tripod quickly & delivers smooth moving experience.
  • Lightweight, Portability and Durability makes it a best buy among others
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Proaim 75mm head
  • Tripod head for today’s DSLR video system.
  • Provides 360 degree smooth panning.
  • Works perfectly with lighter cameras up to 3kgs.
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Proaim Aura 2412

Designed to work in concert with today’s modern cameras where portability, fast and easy set up are required, this Aura lighting kit meets and exceeds the demands of ENG/EFP production. With a 3 months warranty, a hard to beat original price point and first rate performance capabilities, it is easy to see why so many have made our PROAIM Aura-24 Power LED Light their first choice in location illumination. Welcome aboard.

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flycam fc5000
ProAim Flycam 5000
  •  Designed for the latest DV/HDV/DSLR’s and camcorders.
  • Accepts cameras up to 5kg/11lbs.
  • This light weight Camera Steadycam kit can be used without any body support system.
  • Universal camera mount plate.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Post with locking knob.
  • Compact portable design.
  • 360° Smooth rotatable steadycam gimbal.
  • The bottom base plate allow multiple mounting. 16 counter weights.
  • Fine adjustment fantastic Camera Balance Platform.
  • Rubber feet under Base Platform.
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Pro Aim Flycam HD 3000_pic 1
ProAim Flycam HD 3000
  • Designed for the latest DV/HDV/DSLR’s and camcorders.
  • Universal camera mount Plate.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Post with locking knob.
  • Compact portable design.
  • 360° Smooth rotatable gimbal.
  • The bottom base plate allow multiple mounting options.
  • Foam padded Handle Grip.
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proaim p-gc-1 gimbal
Proaim Gimbalcam-I Gimbal Tripod Head (P-GC-I)

Best suited for wild life and many more adventurous shooting
-> Ensures 360 degree panning and tilting ability
-> Safety lock ensures fixed position of mechanism for transportation
-> The vertical and lateral scaling for precise camera positioning
-> Gimbal Head gets separated for easy carrying

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MB600 matte box
Proaim MB-600 Camera Sunshade Matte Box
  • ADVANCED MB-600 MATTE BOX with outer diameter of 95mm to accommodate multiple lens sizes.
  • TOP FLAG AND SIDE BARN DOORS with height adjustment feature provides extra flare reduction.
  • Two 4×4 rotating filter holders for easy removal and installation of square filters.
  • EASILY DETACHABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT video matte box comes with KNICKER black-out fabric to block extraneous light.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN with high-quality strong material


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moon man shoulder rig
Proaim moon man shoulder rig with follow focus

g->  Complete Production Ready camera support
->  Anti twist system to prevent DSLR cameras from rotating
->  Suits all Modern DSLR- and camcorders
->  Aluminum construction for strength and durability
->  Enables quick changes from tripod/no rig to shoulder setup
->  Heavy duty shoulder pad with weightless counterweight system
->  Quality Assurance Guarantee

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